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Download Nairaland clone script for free

Guidelines On How to Install Nairaland Script
1. Download The Script Below.

2. Upload To Your /public_html folder.

3. Upload the sql file to your database download below also.

4. Then locate a folder named "incfiles" click on it and enter settings.php

5. Edit Your Database Details and Site details, insert all correct details e.g dbuser stands for database username .

6. Finally visit your site

Added Features:
1. YouTube Embedded
(To embedded YouTube video on post use this tag [*video*]Youtube Link[*/video*]) Exceptional of *)

2. SEO Optimized

3. 90% Bug Free

Download The Script Below.

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Re: Download Nairaland Functional Clone Script by Victor: 12:11am On 1 Jan

Download the sql file here

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