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Games To Look Forward To In 2019 by Victor: Last week on Wed at 12:44am

There are lots of games to be released this year lets look at some to look foward to in 2019.

Days Gone - I think this game will actually do critically well. I fear it will hurt in sales with a popular genre and Far Cry New Dawn releasing first. Hopefully the hords can make it have a significant difference from the already stale genre. But it should be fun riding a motorcycle shooting shreakers.

Resident Evil 2 - I think this game has the chance to be a GOTY candidate. Critically acclaimed game made from the ground up and will feel completely new but with a nostolgia feel.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - I was kind of disappointed this wasn't Bloodborne 2. But I trust From Software and I'm excited. I do wonder if this will overshadow Ghost of Tsushima since it releases later. I know the gameplay is fastly different but just because of the Samurai feel.

Multiplayer Games
Division 2

Dark Souls clones
Sekiro: Shadows due Twice - I guess I'll put this here
Code Vein - I'm excited for. Hopefully reviews well
The Surge 2
Nioh 2 - possible

And others like
Kingdom Hearts III
Doom Eternal - I wonder how much different they can make it
Dying Light 2
Far Cry New Dawn
Metro Exodus
Rage 2
Devil May Cry 5
Days Gone
Ghost of Tsushima
Last of Us 2
Death Standing
Return of the Samurais
And many more

Drop your Comment of games you are looking forward t...

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