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Must Read!! Stop Saying These 9 Things At Work Or Your Boss Will Sack You
by kingvictor(m). 11:03am On 2 Feb 2017
Young Church Members Are Caught Red-handed Having S*x During All Night Prayer
by kingvictor(m). 11:01am On 2 Feb 2017
How Yahoo Plus Plus Guys Sleep With Ladies And Render Them Useless
by kingvictor(m). 11:01am On 2 Feb 2017
5 Reasons Why You Should Host Your Website Locally
by kingvictor(m). 04:37pm On 2 Feb 2017
Lady Buys Ps4 For Her Boyfriend For Val (photos)
by kingvictor(m). 02:23pm On 2 Feb 2017
Finally, Biafra Gets Independence On March 15 - Bzf Leader Declares
by kingvictor(m). 11:58pm On 2 Feb 2017
UK Professor Converts To Islam.. His Reason Will Shock You
by kingvictor(m). 11:56pm On 2 Feb 2017
Adele Sets Record At 2017 Grammys
by kingvictor(m). 11:55pm On 2 Feb 2017
Facebook Freebasics Service Now Available On Etisalat
by kingvictor(m). 08:37pm On 2 Feb 2017
5 Reasons Your Smartphone Battery Will Always Be Low
by kingvictor(m). 08:36pm On 2 Feb 2017
9 Ways To Eliminate Spam In Your Community Forum
by kingvictor(m). 08:34pm On 2 Feb 2017
Beware!! See 10 Shocking Reasons Why Ladies Steal Their Friends Boyfriend
by kingvictor(m). 02:00pm On 2 Feb 2017
Shame! Teen Mum Arrested For Sucking Her 3-month-old Sons P*nis (photo)
by kingvictor(m). 08:43pm On 2 Feb 2017
Okocha Ranked 33rd In Foreign Epl Players
by kingvictor(m). 07:11pm On 2 Feb 2017
[JOKE OF THE DAY] See This Man Vote Of Thanks At His Wedding, Na By Force To Marry??
by kingvictor(m). 07:54am On 2 Feb 2017
How To Stop System Automatic Update Download In Windows 10
by kingvictor(m). 07:53am On 2 Feb 2017
[Forum Game] Can You Read These Words Out
by kingvictor(m). 12:45pm On 2 Feb 2017
Tip On Waking Up Early , Dos And Donts In An Interview
by kingvictor(m). 12:44pm On 2 Feb 2017
Developer 404 Error By Other Developers
by kingvictor(m). 12:43pm On 2 Feb 2017
My Husbands Obsession With Biafra Is Scary - Nnamdi Kanu Wife
by kingvictor(m). 09:13am On 2 Feb 2017
Telecom Providers Promise To Tackle Services Challenges
by kingvictor(m). 09:11am On 2 Feb 2017
End Time: Mum Rapes 4 Year Old Boy, Broadcasts Live Video (photo)
by kingvictor(m). 11:45pm On 2 Feb 2017
Beyonce, Jay Z Celebrity Gave Up Trying To Conceive Before Baby News
by kingvictor(m). 11:18pm On 2 Feb 2017
From One To A Billion: 10 Awesome But Totally Random Facts About Numbers
by kingvictor(m). 11:11pm On 2 Feb 2017
Thoughts That Run The World
by kingvictor(m). 11:10pm On 2 Feb 2017
American Rapper, The Game Sentenced For Punching A Police Officer
by kingvictor(m). 03:22pm On 2 Feb 2017
My Fiance Introduce Me To His Parent But Called Him Inside & Stay Almost An Hour - Scared Lady
by kingvictor(m). 03:21pm On 2 Feb 2017
Factory That Made The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Batteries Catches Fire
by kingvictor(m). 03:20pm On 2 Feb 2017
Common Mistakes In English That Might Embarrass You
by kingvictor(m). 03:19pm On 2 Feb 2017
Drake Shades Donald Trump During Performance In London (read What He Said)
by kingvictor(m). 03:18pm On 2 Feb 2017

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