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7 Ways To Stay Single & Super Excited by kingvictor(m): 03:57pm On 2 Feb 2017
Being single has its merits and demerits, but no matter how you feel on your single status, one thing remains true: you are free like a bird.
Based on popular thoughts, single life is often viewed as negative and bitter, but in reality, living single means freedom, drama free, independence and untapped potential for growth.
So here are 5 tips to help you stay single and super excited.
Single status comes with a whole lot of hurt in you, you feel like you are not good enough. When you love being single, certain things dont get at you. Discover the things that make you happy, do things that you ve always wished to do, and spend time with yourself without worries. Give yourself a disciplined time frame to stay single. You ll find that when you are ok with being single, you ll be less likely to jump to another wrong one.
Its so hard going out alone when you are out of a relationship or you are single, you feel like moving in the comfort of your partner, but the truth is you need to have fun without anyone. Visit cities, countries with exciting views. You will find it adventurous. It helps in self-discovery.
Honest truth is you dont want to get hurt all over again, so there is need for you to be wisely selective with anyone you are dealing with. You dont want a joker or a time waster to get you hurt. So be picky with your choices and guide your heart till you find the right person that makes it worth the wait.
The way to stay happy while single is to do what makes you happy. Discover your likes and dislikes, your areas of interests, have a list of your top priorities, ambitions, quality goals and work towards achieving them. Ensure the new relationship you are thinking of going into gives you time to be yourself and there is a balance.
Its easy to sulk and feel the need to be alone especially when you dont have that special someone in your life. Dont be scared to date, Talk to people at your office, at the store, at the gym, etc. its a great way to stay social with no pressure or hurt attached. Its not just about finding someone new; rather its a chance to become a more social, free, lively, happy person.
Find opportunities, get yourself busy, and dont run from challenges or tasks. Be bold to do things that feel like handwork. Say yes to friendship, say yes to career opportunities. Never stay idle. Say No when you need to, never get intimidated by people in relationships. Be bold to find what works for you and go for it.
Being single is the best freedom ever. Take advantage of the freedom to discover who you are. Enjoy a drama free life where you owe no one explanations on what you do, how you live or who you are with. You can do what you want when you are single. So go for it and be happy.
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