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Nigerian Police And My Friend by thankgod(m): 01:12pm On 4 Apr 2017
A Nigerian Police Man Was Asking My Friend Graham Some Questions On Why He killed 49 People In One Day. It went like this....
Officer:  why did you kill 49 people in a wedding ceremony?
Graham: na my car break na im fail me na im make
 Officer: your car break fail you...... So how many people were in your left and right side?
Graham: 2 people been dey waka for my left and 47 people dey do wedding for my right
Officer: why didn't you go for the 2 people instead of the 47 people in the wedding ceremony?
Graham: na wetin I do sef!! But as I go for the two people, na only one I jam, the second one come run cross go the wedding nai I pursue am enter the wedding . So all together na 49 people.......
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