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How To Approach, Seduce And Win A Girl's Heart For The First Time - Romance - YukHub

There's always a meta-physical effect when approaching a girl for the first time even if you are a classical womanizer!

There is that effect that you will be shy and that's natural as we all tend to be shy when experiencing something new not to talk about having this experience for the first time. So it's normal after all, so accept it as the first step.

Someone who thinks out of the box may be guessing, Has the writer experienced this? Are these tips credible and good for real-time experimentation? And all other philosophical questions related to that.

First, am Mfonobong(18) and as a normal boy, I certainly had faced with these problems but gradually knew how to deal with it. I even nowadays clear the path for others.

This doesn't mean am not religious. Am a 100% christian and sincerely deal with women(girls) casually. This connotes that all whatever this tutorial instill in you should be utilized religiously casual!

The pre-approach step]

Have a mentality that you will approach right now

This idea will overcome fear.Do not lie to yourself. If you do not approach now, it turns out that you deceived yourself so train this sense of self-responsibility.

One other thing is to remember the rule of three seconds. The idea is that you mentally give a promise to approach a girl, then count "three, two, one - go". After the word "go", don't think, do not do anything else, just reach your goal

Make a promise

Give a promise to your friends that you will get acquainted with the girl right before their eyes. Then, you have to either disgrace yourself before them or go talk to the girl.

It's Natural, accept any experience and make a plan B

We should realize the importance of a negative experience. Any event can become a lesson for harder tasks. It's okay if someone does not like you. There are so many people and views, so everyone has their own taste.

The first approach to a girl

Here, you must first review the girl's mood. Maybe she's in a bad mood and she does not want to get acquainted now. Do not stop the hurrying girl, try to approach a strolling girl.

Talking to a girl for the first time

You should go straight forward and approach the girl and directly inform her about your intentions.

The topics to talk about with a girl

Wrong topics to talk with a girl

About work or study.

Talks on works are usually boring to thirdparties. Communication to the girl you want should cause joy but not boredom.

Talks about masculine themes.
If you like football, then it's better to talk about it with your friends. If a girl tells you about makeup. Will you enjoy this communication?

Successful topics for a conversation with a girl

This will be useful for you to find out her interests.
She will gladly talk about it.
[u]Movies[/u] You can find out what kinds of films she likes to watch.
Ask about her preferences. This topic is very extensive.
Find out what does she do on the weekends. In this way, you will learn more about her.
Take an interest in who are her friends are and how she treat them?

After - Approach Tips

After aproaching a girl, you probably know the mentality of the girl you are going for. You should have secured her contact and social media contacts.

The kind of messages you will be extending to her depends on the type of woman you met. You should probably use a phone call then connect with her on social media later. Check on spellings and be interactive not too egoistic .

Now,the ball is on your court.
What's your experience?

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